Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Week 11

Discussion around a framework for organising what we've been looking at and what we will look at next term.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Week 10

Overview and demo of the AR toolkit

Project preparation session

Week 9

Talk by Suzette Keith on Design for All and designing for older drivers.

The Development Of A Participatory Research Methodology With Older Drivers. by S. Keith et al. in Proceedings of TRANSED 2007.

Week 8

London Zoo visit

Week 7

no session this week.

Week 6

Phoebe Sengers et al () Reflective Design.
Proceedings of the 4th decennial conference on Critical computing: between sense and sensibility (2005).

Presentation by Chike and Madushani.

Week 5

Guest appearance by Paola Amaldi.

Discussion around Bill Gaver's paper
Electronic Furniture for the Curious Home: Assessing Ludic Designs in the Field. Int J. HCI, 22(1-2). 2007.

Presentation by Dean.

Week 4

Tangible Computing
Looked at the work of Hiroshi Ishii's group at MIT (

Presentations from Halil and Dikshit.

Week 3

Uniquitous computing

Contrasted: MIT's project Oxygen (
with Yvonne Rogers paper
"Moving on from Weiser’s Vision of Calm Computing:
Engaging UbiComp Experiences" in UbiComp 2006.

Presentations by Anoi and David.

Week 2

"Introduction to The New Usability" - by Peter Thomas
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI)
Volume 9 , Issue 2 (June 2002) Pages: 69 - 73.

Available from the ACM Digital Library.

Week 1

Introduction fo the module etc.

CMT4210 - Introduction

In this blog, I'll post things that we cover in the Current Issues in Interaction Design session.